Gaming Mouse Pad - Hard XXL

ENHANCE Extra Large LED Gaming Mouse Pad - Hard XXL Desk Mat with 7 Colors
  • $59.99


Light up your desktop with the largest LED mouse pad in our arsenal. The sleek modern design offers over 400 square inches of premium tracking space for gamers from the professional to casual level. With 7 solid colors to choose from and 2 lighting effects, you can truly customize and add a subtle yet impressive ambient light to your computer desktop space.

The XXL LED Pad connects to your PC via an included USB cable. The discreet connection and recessed controls allow your mouse to utilize the entire mouse pad for movement, unlike other pads that have a large interruptive hub that can block your movement. Set the pad to either dynamic color cycling mode or the color changing rainbow mode for an awesome light show, or opt for a clean solid color to match your existing PC accessories.

Play at peak performance with the PowerUP's sleek tracking surface that is deal for fast action games like Fortnite, PUBG, CSGO, or First Person Shooters. The back of the pad is covered entirely with textured rubber to prevent any movement on almost any table top surface including glass, wood, plastic, metal and more.     The transparent edges and modern decal shine with LED lighting for an awesome light display while providing an incredible gaming surface for all of your favorite games. ENHANCE Your Game with the XXL LED Mouse Pad.

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