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ENHANCE XL Funny Large Cat Gaming Mouse Pad with Giant Fire Breathing Cat
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Gaming Mouse Pad with Giant Mutated Fire Breathing Cat

Created by a freak accident when a cat owner accidentally fed his new kitten a can of radioactive Plutonium instead of his regular snack, Giant Mutated Fire Breathing Cat caused a Cat-astrophe in the nearby downtown area. Local Police were not enough to deal with the kitten, so the U.S Government got involved deploying military grade catnip and the world's largest yarn ball to lead the kitten away from the city. This image was taken by a brave journalist from atop of a nearby building. He didn't make it...

ENHANCE's line of Cat Mouse Pads have the same premium quality as the rest of our gaming products, featuring non-slip rubber grips on the backside, anti-fray stitching for extended lifetime, and high resolution surface prints.

A soft premium tracking surface tracks optical and laser mouse pads with exceptional accuracy. The large surface at 12.6 x 10.6 x 0.125 inches provides over 2x the tracking surface of a standard sized mouse pad and gives the printed image an awesome display for anyone who walks by your desk.

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