Novelty Gaming Mouse Pad

ENHANCE XL Funny Large Cat Gaming Mouse Pad with Cats Lost in Space
  • $12.99

Gaming Mouse Pad with Cats Lost in Space

Mutiny!! Aboard the U.S.S Scratchpost, a mutiny was underway. Captain A. Cool Cat received word from Command that their mission was jeopardized by a crewmember who was infected with a parasitic worm. The infected crew member managed to convince 5 of the cat engineers to gather in the airlock under the ruse of a malfunctioning device. That's when the infected Cat ejected them from the airlock. Now it's up to Captain A. Cool Cat to exact justice and remove the infected Cat from the U.S.S Scratchpost.

ENHANCE's line of Cat Mouse Pads have the same premium quality as the rest of our gaming products, featuring non-slip rubber grips on the backside, anti-fray stitching for extended lifetime, and high resolution surface prints.

A soft premium tracking surface tracks optical and laser mouse pads with exceptional accuracy. The large surface at 12.6 x 10.6 x 0.125 inches provides over 2x the tracking surface of a standard sized mouse pad and gives the printed image an awesome display for anyone who walks by your desk.

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