LED Gaming Mouse Pad

Equipped with Hard Surface Fabric Top, 7RGB Color and Lighting Effects, and 3 Brightness Levels
  • $34.99


ENHANCE Gaming - Fabric Top LED Mouse Pad

The ENHANCE Fabric LED gaming mouse pad features a smooth fabric surface on top of a rigid pad which offers a sleek effortless mousing experience while emitting a brilliant display of ambient lighting. The mouse pad offers 7 solid LED colors with 3 brightness settings and 2 Multi-Color lighting effects. Light up your desktop and experience a next level gaming environment with ENHANCE Gaming.


The back of the mouse pad is entirely covered with a textured black rubber to adhere to any desk surface type including wood, metal, laminate, and glass. The textured non-slip grip provides a stable mousing surface that ensures your hand stays steady when making delicate movements or lining up accurate shots in game. The edges of the mouse pad have a transparent frosted gradient that spreads the LED lighting evenly across the edges for a uniform and pleasant light effect.

Control the lighting settings through a set of recessed buttons that won't get in the way of your hand or mouse during use. Select from Red, Blue, Green, White, Purple, Cyan, or Light Green each with 3 different available brightness levels, or choose from a Fading effect that cycles through all the colors or a Rainbow mode that produces a combination of colors.

The large sized mouse pad has over 136 square inches of surface area for unrestricted gaming. A giant size compared to other LED mouse pads not only provides a more illuminated display, but ensure that you have the freedom to move while playing all your favorite games.

Mouse Pads
Colors Selectable 7-color LED
Dimensions 13.75 x 9.9 x 0.1 in. 34.9 x 25.1 x 0.25 cm
Compatibility Laser; Optical; Mechanical
Materials Fabric on acrylic w/non-slip rubber backing
Weight 1.18lbs (534g)

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