LED Gaming Mouse Pad

ENHANCE Aluminum LED Mouse Pad with Rainbow Illumination - Metal Alloy Finish
  • $34.99

ENHANCE Gaming - Metal LED Mouse Pad

The ENHANCE Aluminum LED gaming mouse pad features a brushed metal alloy surface which offers a sleek effortless mousing experience while emitting a brilliant display of ambient lighting. The mouse pad offers a single rainbow LED mode that changes through various multi-color presets. Light up your desktop and experience a next level gaming environment with ENHANCE Gaming.


The back of the mouse pad is entirely covered with a textured black rubber to adhere to any desk surface type including wood, metal, laminate, or glass. The textured non-slip grip provides a stable mousing surface that ensures your hand stays steady when making delicate movements or lining up accurate shots in game. The edges of the mouse pad have a transparent frosted gradient that spreads the LED lighting evenly across the edges for a uniform and pleasant light effect.       A aluminum metal construction helps keep your hands and palms from sweating during intensive use through thermal conduction. Since the metal surface is a good conductor of heat, the warmth of your hands will transfer over to the pad, essentially cooling your hand and wrists during use.

Who benefits the most from a metal mouse pad?

An aluminum mouse pad is perfect for those who like to make delicate mouse movements such as designers, digital artists, or gamers who rely on accurate mousing for competitive play in FPS, MMO, or MOBA games such as Overwatch, fortnite, PUBG, and more. The slick surface allows a laser or optical mouse sensor to pick up tracking information more effectively for increased sensitivity that can be counterbalanced with the DPI level of your mouse for a truly customized and optimal mousing experience. 

Mouse Pads
Colors Aluminum
Dimensions 13.75x9.9x0.1 in. 34.9x25.1x0.25cm
Compatibility Laser; Optical; Mechanical
Materials Rainbow LED, alluminum alloy surface w/non-slip rubber backing
Weight 1.63lbs (741g)

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