Aluminum Gaming Mouse Pad

Aluminum Mouse Pad with Natural Rubber Backing & Low-Friction Tracking Surface
  • $24.99

The ENHANCE GX-MP6 Aluminum Gaming Mouse Pad

Built with 132 square inches of stylish black aluminum plating that provides an incredibly precise and sleek mousing surface. The GX-MP6 is slim and lightweight, but yet heavy enough to firmly remain in place and stays cool during intense gaming sessions. A durable aluminum alloy construction ensures that the GX-MP6 will be the last mouse pad you'll ever need.       

A Modern Look

A low profile and sleek aluminum surface give the GX-MP6 a crisp look that compliments any computer setup. Beveled edges with a brushed aluminum finish create an eye catching border around the void black surface. The smooth, low friction surface enables your mouse to glide back and forth across the entirety of the pad.     

Natural Rubber Backing

The GX-MP6 comes complete with a non-slip rubberized backing which helps absorb vibrations and keeps the mouse pad from sliding on any surface, making it the ultimate mouse pad for extended gaming sessions, surfing the internet, or for use at work or home office.     

Rigid Portable Design

The aluminum design allows the GX-MP6 to be used while on the go or on non-traditional surfaces. Use your mouse with your laptop or tablet while lying on the bed, from the couch, or directly on your lap. The hard surface instantly creates a flat mousing surface wherever you are.     

Rise Above the Rest with ENHANCE Gaming.

Mouse Pads
Dimensions 12.4 x 10.63 x .1 inches 315 x 270 x 2.5 mm
Compatibility Laser; Optical; Mechanical
Materials Aluminum alloy surface w/non-slip rubber backing
Weight 15.4 oz (437 g)

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