Brightness Controls , Powered by Micro USB

ENHANCE Large Hard Surface LED Gaming Mouse Pad - 7 RGB Light Up Modes
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ENHANCE Gaming's LED Mouse pad combines dynamic ambient lighting with the smooth high precision surface of a rigid gaming mouse. Feel the difference that an XL gaming mouse can provide, see the ambient lighting transform your desk, and experience ENHANCE gaming.

7 LED Color Settings with Brightness Levels

Our mouse pad hard has 7 different color settings: Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Teal, Fade, & Rainbow. Select a solid color or choose Fade to see all the colors fade in and out and Rainbow to see all colors at once. Each setting can be adjusted to one of 3 brightness settings to provide the best ambient lighting for your gaming set up. 

Hard Surface Precision & Transparent Decals

Smooth and Sleek, our rgb mouse pad offers accurate mouse tracking on a dark decal laden surface. Line up your shots, perform a quick 360 turn, or do a barrel roll with precision accuracy and speed. Our mouse pad also features transparent modern decals that shine with LED lights. The ambient lighting is emitted from the mousepad rgb edges as well as from the surface itself.

Discreet Flat Controls & Micro USB Power

Our rgb mousepad features a flat button control panel that blends seamlessly to the rest of the surface. Other LED mouse pads use a thick power channel block that obstructs your mouse when making a quick upward movement, potentially ruining your game session. The flat button design was implemented to create unobstructive gameplay and aesthetic appeal. ENHANCE your game with our LED gaming mouse pad.

Mouse Pads
Dimensions 13.75 x 9.9 x 0.1 in. 34.9 x 25.1 x 0.25cm

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