Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee

ENHANCE Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee Cable Holder - 4 Port USB Hub & 7 LED Modes
  • $24.99

ENHANCE Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee

The ENHANCE Pro Mouse Bungee delivers fluid and accurate mouse movements, a built in USB Hub, and LED Customization. Line up your shots with precision, light up your desktop with matching ambient lighting, hot-swap keyboards, mice, headsets, and more in an instant, and experience Pro Level Gaming with ENHANCE.


Spring Loaded Flexible Cable Support

The cable arm support is designed to spring back after extreme mouse movements and provide an easy, swift motion to all your mouse movements while simultaneously eliminating cable drag and obstruction. Simply place your mouse cable into the cable arm's inserts (one at tip of arm and one at the base), and adjust cable length to desired setting. Mice with thinner non-braided cables may need to use the included durable band to hold the cable in place.


7 LED Color Modes

With the click of a button on the left side of the bungee, you can select from 7 LED Color Modes: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Light Green, Purple, and Rainbow. Match to your current rig's setup, or select rainbow setting to see an ambient display of all 6 colors. 


4 Port USB Hub

Featuring 4 USB 2.0 Ports, the Pro Bungee is an all in one gaming desktop companion. Switch between keyboards, mice, headsets, and access external drives from your new desktop hub. No more getting underneath your desk or twisting yourself to reach the USB ports behind your case. ENHANCE your game.

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