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External Disc Drive Travel Sleeve

ENHANCE Neoprene Touch Pad Case is designed with rugged, shock-absorbing neoprene materials and reinforced stitching



Rugged and Protective Construction

The ENHANCE Trackpad Case has been designed with rugged, shock-absorbing neoprene materials and features reinforced stitching to keep your trackpad protected during travel and transport. The flap lid can be reversed to allow easy entry and removal for your trackpad, then flipped back into place to keep it secured. Large enough to accommodate most popular trackpads yet compact enough to be comfortably carried, the ENHANCE Trackpad Case is a wise investment for anyone who wants to keep their device in pristine condition. Don’t let your precious trackpad bounce around in your bag unprotected, protect your gear with an ENHANCE case designed specifically to safeguard it

Cable and Accessory Zipper Pouch

Forget cramming your trackpad's power and charging cable into a case alongside your trackpad, or letting your the cable float around in your bag; the ENHANCE Trackpad Case features a handy zipper pouch that’s perfect for stowing your cable and other computing accessories. A premium, rubber ENHANCE zipper puller allows for quick access to items stored in the zipper pouch

Internal Dimensions:

Fits Touchpads up to 7 x 7 inches