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Must Have Tool for Tabltop RPGS, Streamlines Combat, Excellent for Grid-Less Mats, with Intuitive & Distinct Labeling



Spell AoE Marker Template

ENHANCE Tabletop Series

What is an AoE Marker? We're glad you've asked, fellow spellcaster! Let's put it this way: During any of your RPG sessions, did a wizard cast a 20' gas spore in a valley of beasts only to encounter debate about blast impact and the affected grid squares? In such cases, an AoE Marker is the DM's most valuable tool as it can quickly and easily measure spell effect distances on grid and grid-less maps.

  • Quickly & Easily Visualize a Spell's AoE
  • At a Glance, See Where Spells Will Affect
  • Keep Your Party Immersed in the Game
  • Perfect for Gridded or Grid-Less Play

A Spellcaster's Best Friend

An AoE Marker Spell Template is a must-have for magic users in TTRPGs like Dungeons and Dragons 5E, Pathfinder, and more. The ENHANCE AoE Marker is sturdily built for every game night trip with superior quality that complements your arsenal of premium ENHANCE accessories.

AoE 101: The 5 Basic Markers Every Spellcaster Must Master

40' Straight Distance Marker

Excellent for determining how far characters can move during grid-less play. Position the starting point of the 40’ Marker (near shield #9) above the character in play to calculate movement using 5’ increment marks.

Random Direction Markers

Center the AoE Marker above the character in play and roll a d12 die to randomly determine which of the “scatter markers” (the shields numbered 1 through 12) points in the direction that the character can move.

5, 10, 15, 20' Radius Markers

Center the AoE Marker above the character in play to determine whether targets within the spell's radius are affected.

10, 20' Cube Markers

Center the AoE Marker above the character in play to determine the range of the imprisonment spell and other cube-based attacks.

5, 10, 15' Cone Markers

Center the AoE Marker above the wizard who casts a cone spell in the direction of his targets to determine whether they are within range.

ENHANCE Tabletop Series

An expanding lineup of premium tabletop bags, gear, and accessories designed by players...for players.

Twice the Thickness

Built to withstand the mightiest of spell casts. Made of expertly cut acrylic and is twice the thickness of top alternatives.

UV Printed Labeling

Accurately printed on clear acrylic with a 1" scale designed for TTRPG grids.