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Equipped with 65% Blue Light reduction, Anti-reflective, Anti-Scratch, and Anti-oil (oleophobic) coated lens



ENHANCE Battle Lens Clip & Flip Lens Attachments

Stare at a computer screen all day? Play tons of video games and suffer from eye strain and fatigue? The ENHANCE Battle Lens Clip-On and Flip attachments are designed to function with almost any glasses frames, so you can attach them to your current prescription glasses. Gain the benefit of blocking over half of all harmful blue light emitted from digital screens. 

The Battle Lens series of glasses have all been thoroughly tested and meet or exceed FDA, ANSI, EN ISO, and AS/NZS standards and certifications. This means that every set of Battle Lenses are super high quality, and their universal style fits and looks great on any style of frames, regardless of what you wear.

The Battle Lens are products designed for blocking blue light and for blue light glasses accessories to your existing prescriptions lenses. We designed the Battle Lens for gamers as gaming glasses, but their ability to block blue light carries benefits to more casual folk, reducing fatigue, eye strain, and difficulty sleeping in anyone that stares at screens for more than a couple of hours a day. 

-RoHS certification (Lens)

-FDA certified (Lens)

-REACH certification (Frame)

-CE certificate (Glasses)

-Lens passes ANSI, EN ISO and AS/NZS standards