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Equipped with 65% Blue Light reduction, Anti-reflective, Anti-Scratch, and Anti-oil (oleophobic) coated lens



ENHANCE Battle Lens Gaming Glasses 

Protect your eyes and care for their health with the Battle Lens blue light glasses by ENHANCE. Certified lenses designed to block up to 65% of harmful blue light from the spectrum alleviate symptoms of eye fatigue and chronic eye stress. Relief from eye strain, migraines, headaches, and difficulty sleeping are common with users of blue light blocking glasses. 

Constructed from TR-90, an advanced thermoplastic composite, the ENHANCE Battle Lens glasses are extremely tough and flexible while remaining nearly weightless. This design allows them to withstand the wear and tear of daily use while at work, and makes them feel comfortable on your face. The lenses are UV resistant, scratch and glare resistant, and are CE Certified, and passes ANSI, EN ISO and AS/NZS standards.

The stylish design looks great on any shape face, and features a blue accent on the temple arms to add a bit of flair. Blue light blocking glasses are ideal for people of all ages and lifestyles. Use the Battle Lens while spending hours at your battle station playing PC games, or while watching TV late at night to help you sleep. Also great for using your phone at night!

ENHANCE Your Game with the Battle Lens series.

-RoHS certification (Lens)

-FDA certified (Lens)

-REACH certification (Frame)

-CE certificate (Glasses)

-Lens passes ANSI, EN ISO and AS/NZS standards