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Then you’ve come to the right place! The ENHANCE Sponsorship program gives you that extra support and hardware you need to rise to the top. We make sure to ENHANCE your game even if you’re a new streamer or an established eSports team. We acknowledge that every need is different, and we’re here to help you. Applications are evaluated on an exclusive case-by-case basis. A team coordinator will carefully review your entry and get back to you if it is the right fit for ENHANCE optimization.

Remember, this application is the first look we at ENHANCE Gaming will get of you. Make sure to include social media metrics, achievements and a sense of professionalism. Please answer all the questions as thoroughly as possible and why you think a partnership would be a great thing for both ENHANCE and you. We’re looking to partner with the best influencers and eSports teams in the industry.

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Please include links to your active social media profiles below. For each profile you submit we look at content creation, reach, and engagement for that account.

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